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The Tarik Carroll Creative brand of imagery is a signature blend of our founder's pop art influences and graphic design with a very young, fresh & audacious twist. We factor a rich use of vibrant colors as well as very intense black and white photography.

lead photographer

Tarik Carroll

Founder, Lead Photographer, Body Positivity Activist & Visual Artist

TARIK CARROLL  specializes in fashion, music and commercial photography. The Brooklyn native loves family, art  and community.  A graduate of The New York Institute of Technology, Tarik has a B.F.A. in Graphic Design.  

Tarik uses his lens on uniquely fresh contemporary aesthetic to fuse elements of pop art, graphic design & photography. Tarik Carroll’s work has been featured in several major publications & news outlets including  PAPER, People MagazineNBCStrut by MICNYLON, Afro Punk,NewNowNext, Brit + COThe Human Rights Campaign, BuzzFeed, AZCentralCreem, Super-Selected, Ellements, HUF, Vibe, Giant, The New York Times, Dimension Mag, Adon, CP Trends & C-Heads, etc... He has also worked with celebrities and socialites such as Corbin Bleu, Eric West. In addition to  international recording artists such as Cupcakke The Rapper, Trevor Moran, Diana GordonShe's Ryan, and Moxiie.


Basquiat, Jean Paul Goude, GL Wood, Andy Warhol, Sarah Silver, David Lachapelle, Avedon, Matthew Rolston, & Madonna

lead production assistant


Co-Founder, Lead Production Assistant & Organizational Specialist

MARK ANGLIN specializes in Commercial Photography & Production Planning.

A freelance personal assistant and entrepreneur he has worked with some of New York's Elite. Mark's work and method is heavily routed in subconscious human motivation; a topic which continually fascinates him. His attention to detail continues to astonish clients and team members a like.

Motto: "We always have time to be considerate".

Favorite Food: Pizza

Inspirations: Avedon, Chuck Close, Cecil Beaton, C.Finley, Sia, Sienna Shields, Steven Meisel.


Fellow Creatives

lead wedding & event photographer


Lead Wedding & Event Photographer

Motto: "Live Life As It Happens".

Favorite Food: Chicken Tikka Masala

Inspirations: Cliff Mautner,  Jasmine Starr, Bill Cunningham, Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bressont, Gordon Parks, Jerry Ghionis 

lead stylist LA


Lead Stylist Los Angeles  

Motto: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo Da Vinci

Favorite Food: Wings and Fries 

Inspirations: Keith Haring, Edgar Allan Poe F. Scott Fitzgerald, Steve Martin, Robin Williams     

Lead stylist

Menswear ny

Christopher Cespedes

lead make up artist

spanky L. aguirre 



 Photo By Moxiie

Photo By Moxiie