Tarik Carroll Creative is a visual arts collective founded by Tarik Carroll a Fashion & Music photographer and  Mark Anglin. Together the creative teaches they're techniques and host art events and workshops in select cities throughout the united statesthey are passionately dedicated building and fostering community. 

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And the winner is....

Hey guys,

it has been a minute since we have shared some any news on our recent project(s). 

I wanted to say thank you to the amazing team that assisted me on a recent campaign dear to my heart. I was blessed to team up with @theathletesfootusa and @melaniin.goddess by creating a visual campaign in support of their efforts against bullying. @theathletesfootusa & @melaniin.goddess are giving away two anti-bullying @reebokusa sneakers (designed by @melaniin.goddess )  two winners... @morrg_an & @fla_boy - Congrats 🎉🎊🎈 

Photographer @tarikcphoto
MUA: @moshoodat
Product Sponsor @reebokusa
Agency: @thecgirlinc

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