Tarik Carroll Creative is a visual arts collective founded by Tarik Carroll a Fashion & Music photographer and  Mark Anglin. Together the creative teaches they're techniques and host art events and workshops in select cities throughout the united statesthey are passionately dedicated building and fostering community. 

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The Coach

 By Mark Anglin    Mark Coaches Model From Shadows    Photo Credit: Tarik Carroll  | Tarik Carroll Creative 

By Mark Anglin  

Mark Coaches Model From Shadows  

Photo Credit: Tarik Carroll  | Tarik Carroll Creative 

I have a general concept of what I want to see when I coach models. I love expressions, movement, and shapes. There is that certain moment when a body becomes more than the sum of its parts. I love when there's a synergy of emotion and motion. When that synergy is all that remains, I consider a photo whole. I often tell our clients and models that the natural progession of their unique bodies can only serve the photo.   


The candid moment happens not when you let go... 

it happens when the moment and you become one.  


when coaching I don't spend much time dwelling on fake smiles and canned movements. I become a chameleon of sorts and mirror the model. I range from ultra serious/stern to the practical joker/ comedian. I find it helps me speak in a way that is familiar and relates to them in a way they understand. For this, I adopt the way they may pronounce words or the speed at which one might talk.  Even if I want all our models, clients, and teammates to look elegant and  powerful with a subtle hint of vulnerability, I first make sure that is what works for their personal goal and that of the photo.  


On set I am the subjects biggest cheerleader I believe the set should be a safe place to experiment.  When coaching I always encourage and redirect when I see something that isn't quite working.


Modeling for me should be less about memorizing shapes and poses.  I would equate that to learning words before you learn grammar and assuming you can speak a language.  You need a basic understanding of grammar in the form of accessible emotional literacy, the language of truth and empathy. Former actors are usually great at drawing this out. I hope that the photo translates my intent to the audience through a timeless expression of truth.