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Creative Process

2016 has been one of the most life changing, illuminating years of my life. Filled with many learning experiences, corner stones, struggles, travels & revelations.


In the past 11 months, I moved into my first office (My own office), struggled to make ends meet, LANDED amazing business deals, HAD business deals gone awry, dated a lot, FELL IN LOVE WITH CALIFORNIA, FELL IN LOVE WITH MYSELF,argued a lot & learned so much about myself (Self-Discovery has been illuminating). I often found myself feeling like the Mr Crabs Meme. In the midst of all of this, I felt like I'd lost my creative voice.

My personal projects took a back seat to appeal to a certain "look"; to a appeal to a certain "audience" that's less "urban". After a year of playing the game I decided to return to shooting more fulfilling personal and engaging pieces. 

"feeling like the Mr Crabs Meme"

2 Months ago, I Started to piece together a few concepts and nothing really stuck. That's what when noticed, I was dealing with a form of creators block -so to speak. I started asking myself, "what do I want to say, where do i want to go creatively right now." Last Tuesday, I made the choice to start breaking this "creative block."


I called up a good friend of mine & fellow creative Moxiie. We'd always had amazing chemistry and I knew shooting something on the fly with her would spark that [creative] fire. In Sharing the result of what we created The question remains... "Whats next?" who knows; but, keep it posted here for more rants & random blogs about my journey. My team has been begging me to blog for MONTHS and hopefully this new medium will show you guys a different side of me & my creative process. Cheers to blog post #1

Love & Light

- Tarik


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