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New Year Upgraded Me

  Model - Jeremiah Buren

Model - Jeremiah Buren


At this moment I am still up at 3am trying to get my sleep cycle back to normal. Out of my 3 trips to California in the past 9 months, this one has been the hardest to get my sleep cycle back into sync. CURRENTLY I AM Living and sitting in this moment contemplating my next moves. Over the past few weeks on social media i have noticed something. Everyone seems to be on this "New Year New Me" bullshit. Honestly I love me. I will continue make my mistakes & learn from them. I will continue to be petty & sensitive but slowly in the process I will LEARN TO be more mindful of my thoughts and actions and be less reactive. I will continue to take shit to personally, but hopefully with each experience I will learn that not everything has to do with me, and its other peoples personal shit and I shouldn't internalize every SINGLE thing. I will continue to feel uncomfortable when it comes to dealing with confrontation, and hopefully with each confrontation I face this year I will strive to Be more clear, concise and direct. I will continue to make inappropriate jokes and be the sarcastic kid from Brooklyn that I have always been. Im more so on a "New Year Upgraded Me" tip. More like a iphone with a few new features & a new camera. 


- Tarik

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